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What if we spent as much time and energy on our finances as we do with our health? We read nutrition labels – but not our investing portfolio. We spend 45 minutes going for a run, but less than 5 minutes looking at our spending. We tell everyone about our Couch To 5K, but we never talk about Debt to 5K in Savings. At Upli, we believe we can harness our passion for physical health, and inspire people to see their financial health as just as rewarding. Our country is facing a financial health crisis. We are spending more time than ever worrying about our financial well being, and it’s taking its toll on our actual health. Lower job performance, rising levels of depression, anxiety, even obesity can be correlated to our worries about money.

Our goal with Upli is to deliver a best-in-class financial health platform that allows users to bring together their financial ecosystem into one safe and simple experience.

Upli is a Movement

Our Mission

Provide the education, resources and solutions for those looking to improve their financial health.


Take Control of Your Financial Fitness with Upli

Upli helps you build your credit, maintain a budget, optimize your debt, and manage your accounts. It’s time to lace up your shoes and become financially fit. It’s time for Upli.

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